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Zurn July Writers Month

July 1-31, 2016

Welcome to the Zurn July Writers Month! We are excited to offer the #ZuJuWriMo competition to you our loyal readership, as a means of helping our followers work on developing their writing abilities.

First, for more information on the competition, see the official blog posting on our site, here.

Second, you'll want to know a bit more about the world you're writing about, so we've included a free resource below for you! You'll find a journal below, documenting some of the travels of the renowned adventurer Arthur Wadsworth Clementine (or A.W., as he commonly refers to himself). His travels took him to see many creatures and cultures across Zurn, and from his journeys you will get a flavor for the creatures and people that may appear in your story.

Third, you'll probably want a map to give you a sense of direction in the world - you can find a link to the world map below.

And finally, enjoy a month of writing! We look forward to reviewing your submissions, and possibly adding them to the canon of legends in Zurn. So happy worldbuilding to you! If you have questions, reach out to us using the "Contact Us" page.

Travel Journal
Wouldn't it be nice if an
adventurer traveled across
the world and left notes
for the rest of us to follow?
One of them did!
World Map
Print a copy. Or save a
copy to your computer.
It may come in handy on
your adventures.
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