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Try the game for yourself.

Admit it. You're curious. So this is the part where we slide our presentation across the smoky tavern table to you, sit back, and smile our inscrutable Gamemaster smile.
Here is everything you need
to dream up your first character,
bring him to life, and get him
into more adventure than he
can readily handle.
(And that's only if things go
according to plan.)
Character Sheet
Print a copy. Dream up
a character you'd like
to play. Then move
down to...
Character Creation
Want to play a blacklisted
enchanter who smuggles
ghost artifacts for a living?
Your haunted ship awaits.
Core d6 Rules
An elf, an assassin, and
a nervous dwarf with a
crossbow walk into a bar.
These rules tell you
what happens next.
Build Character
Want to try building
a character? Here's
a free character
builder for you!
Download to begin.
Build Adjectives
Need help building
adjectives a character?
Here's a free guide
to help you out.
Try the Rules
Want to try the rules
to see if you like the
game before buying?
Download a sample
scenario here.
Buy the Game
You can purchase a
copy of the game at
at a discount here!
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