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The World of Zurn: What You Need to Know

"I bet having a bit of background on the world will help you as you prepare for your adventures in Zurn," says the old innkeeper behind the bar. "A young person ought to have a sense of direction and clarity before setting out on the road, especially if you intend to make it back here in one piece."

His smile broadens kindly as he points to the far wall. "You'll find a map of the world here - it may prove useful to keep you on the right road. And you should take this," he says, as he grabs an old journal from under the counter. "This is the journal of one of the greatest explorers the world has ever known, and he's made a lot of notes on what some of the cultures are like in the near vicinity. May prove useful so you'll know what you're walking into when you enter a village."

World Map
Print a copy. Or save a
copy to your computer.
It may come in handy on
your adventures.

"You may also find the following books useful - little works and treatises that are commonly used in school. It might be helpful in getting you accustomed to how the world works. Help yourself to whatever you'd like, even make copies for yourself if you'd prefer, but mind you don't spill anything on mine!"

...Which is to say, the following .pdfs are provided by us here at Zurn Central for your consumption - feel free to download a copy for you to keep with you during your adventures, free of charge! We think these will be helpful to you as you learn about Zurn.

So if you are looking for free information for either an adventure in Zurn or your own roleplay game, feel free to use these. When the House Ochuro campaign comes out in the future, players will have a chance to use these as their "textbooks" for school (as the campaign centers around House Ochuro, a very well-known faun school that accepts students from all over the world because of its exceptional teachers). So when you play in the campaign, don't forget to bring your books for school!

~The Management

Zurn Central, LLC

Zurn Medieval:
Skill List
A short guide to your
character's skill choices
in Zurn. Then imagination
takes the wheel.
The World of
A short guide to how
magic works in Zurn by
a faun who traveled all
across the world.
Flora for All
A short guide to some
of the plants you will
find in Zurn, both
mundane and magical.
The Stars Above
A short guide to the
constellations in the
sky, and how astronomy
plays a role in prophecy.
Spiritual Forces
A quick introduction to
supernatural pantheons,
religious orders, and
cults across the world.
The Avatars We Know.png
World History
A quick introduction
to the medieval history
of the World of Zurn,
but with no droll stuff.
A History of Kings.png
Animal Guide
A short guide to the
animals of the world.
If you need ideas for
cool creatures, it's here.
Ander's Anthology of Animals.png
The basics of logic
as a textbook for
your fantasy school.
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