Middle Earth Strategy

Battle Game Supplements

The Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game by Gamesworkshop is a fantastic game, and one that lends itself to roleplaying and effective storytelling. With well balanced armies, thematic legendary legions, and the new Battle Companies way to play the game, you get a thematic and enjoyable experience in one of the best fantasy settings in human history.

What follows are projects we have been working on to bring more storytelling and roleplaying into a fantastic game, offering new factions, short campaigns - all kinds of useful things for your adventures in Middle Earth.

~The Management

Zurn Central, LLC

The Ettenmoors
A monster-centric faction
of trolls, giants, and a few
werewolves. Available in
black and white for ease
of printing.
Ettenmoors (BW).png
The Ettenmoors
The same faction, but in
full color for your viewing
pleasure, but not as easy
or cheap to print.
Ettenmoors (FC).png
Shadows in the
North Introduction
An introduction to a short
roleplay campaign that covers
character creation and
background information.
Shadows in the North Intro (BW).png
Shadows in the
North Introduction
The same introduction,
but in full color to make
it look appealing.
Shadows in the North Intro (FC).png
Shadows in the
North Campaign
An adventure with ten
missions, compatible with
Battle Companies or our
heroic character campaign.
Shadows (BW).png
Shadows in the
North Introduction
The same campaign,
just less friendly to your
local printer.
Shadows (FC).png