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How We Got Started

Like many good things in life, Warriors of Zurn started as a dream.


When I was fourteen, I went to bed one night (I did that a lot growing up—still do, more or less) and had a dream. I don't usually remember most of my dreams when I wake up the next morning, let alone over a decade later, but this one I remember like it was yesterday. I was in a medieval town with a wooden stockade wall near the edge of a magical forest by the sea. The town was full of humans though other creatures lived there too, though I didn't know that until later.


What captivated my attention was the forest near the town. I asked one of the townsmen (which is unusual for me; I don't usually just talk to random people, but I must have felt I could trust him) what was in the forest, and he said to me,


"Many things. But you'll have to go in to find out."


And as I left the stockade town of Bern (as I would later learn it was called), I went on an exciting adventure with a unicorn, a centaur, and a wulvern that was so thrilling that I woke myself up with a racing heart around 4am in the morning.


Every now and then as time went on, even though I never intentionally tried to dream about that town near the forest and the sea, it would keep coming back. By the time I had finished college seven years later I had gotten into roleplay gaming and was spending more time thinking about the art of storycraft.


And so, after waking up from another adventure with my friends in the forest, at the age of twenty-four I contacted a number of the guys in my gaming group and asked if they'd be open to helping me test a roleplay game set in a fictional fantasy world called Zurn—a world that was full of all kinds of creatures, that was ripe and ready for adventure, and their first mission began in a small town called Bern, on the edge of a magical forest.


What surprises me to this day is that people still like taking their little forays into that magical world—a world that some say is "mine," but the truth is I often feel like I stumbled across it. I never really owned it. If anything, it owned me, and invited me in with a simple answer to a big question: "What's inside? Many things. But you'll have to go in to find out."



~Aaron Kamakawiwoole

CEO and Founder of Zurn Central

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