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What I Love: The Last Jedi

Hey Reader!

Welcome back to the Zurn blog! We are on the penultimate movie of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga, a movie that has been hotly debated since it hit the box office. I confess it is my least favorite Star Wars film, but that does not mean that there is nothing in this movie that I like, or find useful for me as a game master and roleplayer.

This series, as you'll recall, is not a, "I love all of these movies, so here's my list" series of posts: it's a journal if you will of what lessons I've found useful from them, and that means that The Last Jedi should be discussed.

I. What I Love

The ice foxes on Krait are awesome. Their official name is even "Vulptex," which just sounds awesome.

Seriously - take a look at that: by simply looking at this creature you get a sense of wonder, and are reminded that you are in a sci-fi universe that is far away from earth.

I remember seeing these things come across the screen on opening night, and for a brief moment I put aside the character regression of Luke, the ridiculous space tactics employed by both sides, and the blatant, "SCREW YOU, FANS" that I had been watching for the past two hours and thought instead, "You know something: this is really cool. I love this universe, and I'm so glad we get to see it on-screen so consistently, and that I'm in it now."

And that is awesome.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post - in our next post we'll be giving some deep analysis to a film that definitely needs it, as there's a lot going on in it, and I disagree with some commentators on YouTube, so keep watching this space!

Until next time,

Aaron K



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