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  • Aaron K

Thankfulness: Our Followers

Hey Reader!

Welcome back to the Zurn Blog! As we head through the month of November, we continue in our Thankfulness series with post #2 of 10, with today's being dedicated to our followers online and in the flesh.

Over the past three years, Zurn has been uniting families across the country, with testing groups as far out as California, South Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, Montreal, and of course the West Virginia and Northern Virginia area (our local hub). But with our followers now reaching into the hundreds, we wanted to take a moment to stop to simply say, "thanks."

I especially want to thank those who first picked up the game a few years ago and intrepidly took to their friends and said, "Hey: I want to introduce you to a new game." It's different when you're the person who created the game - they feel like they can come to you with any question - but it's different when you're just a player in the game looking for a group to play it with, and for your courage we thank you.

It also helps to show part of the beauty of gaming: people from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life can all come together around a table to share in fellowship together. Even if we dramatically disagree on other things, we can all gather in peace to enjoy a game. Funny how in a time as chaotic and polarized as these how something as simple as a game can bring people together.

And during a month where we focus on family, friendships, and gratitude, that's a good point to ponder. In what ways can we make a difference in the lives of our friends - even if it's through something as simple and mundane as a game around a table? My life would not be as full or rewarding today were it not for Zurn and the friendships I've deepened through this game. I hope you'll find the same is true for you as well.

And if you play the game, let us know where you are on the map! We'd love to see how far the game is spreading!

Grateful for you,

Aaron K

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