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  • Aaron K

Roleplay in the News: RuneLords

Hey Reader!

We hope that you are making progress on your short stories (down to the last few days of the #ZuJuWriMo!), and we look forward to seeing your work! We've already received a few submissions, and we've enjoyed what we've read so far.

Just this morning we came across a great resource for writers. David Farland is a fantasy writer, and he has a wonderful section on his website that is specifically for writers. In his most recent post (as of this writing), David talks about the importance of creating a sense of wonder in your fantasy fiction - a concept that we really care about in Zurn. A quick exceprt for you all - a thought from McFarland that is closely tied to our hallmark philosophy that actions have consequences:

"Whatever method you choose to try to arouse a sense of wonder, just remember that your story is never about the system of power, it is more about the right use of power. Whether your characters get their power by transferring attributes from one to another, as I do in the Runelords, or by biting one another on the neck, as in a vampire novel, ultimately the core of your story will be not “how do I get power?” but “what’s the right thing to do with it?" -- David McFarland

If you find this interesting and want to know more, we highly recommend that you follow his blog and check out his fantasy series, The Rune Lords.

Happy Friday!

Aaron K

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