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  • Aaron K

Journal: How I Chucked My Story on Day Two

Dear Reader,

Today marks the second day of #ZuJuWriMo, and as is customary for me when I start a new short story, I map out where the story will go to get a sense of pacing and timing.

And I found myself in that terrible place where I knew that the story that I was setting out to write wouldn't be more than a few pages long (and not even good pages at that).

So I chucked my story.

That's right: the story I'd been thinking about for weeks leading up to the competition, out the door just like that.

And the truth is, this is good for writing. Having an idea is one thing, but having an idea that fits the aims and goals that you are trying to accomplish - a story that has enough flesh, structure, and life to it to tell a good story - is something else.

So I'm starting a new story idea today. I chose a character, fleshed out her background and her people, and not only found a story, but a story worth telling.

So as you set out writing, don't be afraid to cast out an idea, even one that you've invested in heavily. Don't be afraid to chase a good story because of the fear of losing a lesser story.

I'm back to writing - I'll check in again in a few days,

Aaron K

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