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  • Aaron K

The Zurn July Writers Month: Let the Games Begin!

Hey Internet!

As of this morning, the Zurn July Writers Month has begun! For those who are participating in the #ZuJuWriMo, we look forward to writing alongside you over the next month!

As a recap, the following rules are in play for the #ZuJuWriMo:

1) The piece must be your original work: others may help you edit it, but you must be the primary author.

2) The piece must not exceed 5000 words of prose (so title pages, citations, footnotes, etc. do not count - none of these are required)

3) The piece should be a piece of fiction in the form of a short story: while participants may submit a piece that is a subset of a larger work, writing will be gauged based on closure and cohesiveness within the submitted piece, not of a larger work.

4) The piece should be set in a medieval fantasy setting. No gunpowder, no steampower, etc. (that will come with a future writing competition, we promise!)

5) Writers may borrow any creature from fantasy fiction: Zurn as a world is designed to accommodate all of it. So have fun with your characters and creatures!

6) Pieces should be designed to be family-friendly (as that is our primary target audience). Writers are encouraged to aim for a "G," "PG," or "PG-13" rating for the story.

7) Submissions must be sent to by 11:59:59 pm on July 31st to be eligible for the competition. To qualify for the Grand Prize, submissions must also submit the $10 entry free (payable through the ZurnCentral PayPal account: ZurnCentral) by the posted ending date.

8) Employees of Zurn Central are not eligible to win a prize, though they may participate in the competition (and may qualify for publishing).

SO: for those of you who want to participate, we look forward to writing alongside you! I'll be keeping a "journal" of sorts on the blog as I write over the next month, and we look forward to growing in our storycraft abilities over the next month.

We look forward to seeing your work! What stories will you be writing?

Aaron K

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