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  • Aaron K

The Kickstarter Journey: Looking Forward

Hey Reader!

The Kickstarter is complete! Thanks to our loyal fans, we've raised almost $4,000 to kick off the first sourebook in the Zurn: Medieval canon, The Warriors of Zurn. We are so grateful for all of those who came around us on this project, and look forward to bringing you more content as we head into the future!

We will have a reflective post on things we learned during the 30-day project in a few weeks (mostly once we get more of the logistical post-Kickstarter details ironed out so that we can ponder those things), but for now, we wanted to take a moment to look forward to what is coming down the pike from us at Zurn.

First, the Online Store for Zurn will be starting up in August, so keep watching this space! So looking forward to offering both a digital copy (probably for about $25 or so) and a hard copy (price is still in the air, per the poll we'll be doing next week regarding how we are doing the binding for the book, but thinking around $40 or so) of the sourcebook available for you all. We are also hoping to have a free eBook for you all that walks you through some of the history, cultural knowledge, and "flavor" of the world for your edification, so you should be able to download that for free from the store.

Second, we're in the process of testing our first storybook, a pre-built campaign (usually including 20 missions) that can serve as a guide for your adventures in Zurn. Sometimes a game master has a concept for a story that they want to run. Other times a game master may be in a busy time of life, and may not have the time to craft and conjure their own adventure. And some people just love getting exclusive in-game content. For all of these people, we are producing storybooks.

A storybook will come with a pre-built campaign, designed to reward lots of different types of characters, provide an intricate, interwoven plot, and give a game master everything they need to run the campaign (beyond, of course, the natural ad lib and riotous commentary that makes roleplay exciting, and we frankly can't universally capture that in a book - sorry). It comes with some sample characters for the players (so if you don't have time to build a character, you can just use one of the sample characters), non-player character stats for the game master to use in-mission, maps as appropriate, and some form of exclusive content that is only found in that book (be that a magic lore, weapons and equipment, new playable races, etc.).

Our hope is to have the first storybook out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016, or potentially in the first quarter of 2017. We'll keep you posted, though, as we want to make sure it's vetted properly, :)

Finally, we're also excited next week to announce a prize competition that we'll be launching at Zurn, so keep watching this space! Until then, thanks again for your help over the past 30 days - we couldn't have done it without you!

Aaron K

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