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  • Aaron

Character Creation, Part III: Equipment

Hey Reader!

Welcome back to Zurn! Today we're picking back up our thoughts on character creation, looking at the selection of equipment.

In most games, characters start with a set amount of money, and then they purchase starting gear. In some games, characters select a class, and the class selection comes with equipment. And in still other games (Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson being a good example, though most FATE core games are the same way), they really don't care what equipment you have, though they have loose limitations on what someone can have.

Zurn hits a balance between the systems. Due to the Strong-Average-Weak system, players can determine how much they value equipment. If they really don't want much (and are simply looking for a few quality items to define their character concept), they don't need to spend much on it (and can spend their points elsewhere). If they really like certain pieces (or want a lot of high-end equipment), they can find what they are looking for.

And the good news for roleplayers is that since each item has a purpose and use, if a character opts for a particular type of item (a mace instead of a sword, for example), the player is rewarded for staying true to the high concept of the character.

With hundreds of weapons, armor pieces, mounts, and items, players are able to build the character they envision in their mind without being penalized for not "playing to the meta."

As someone who wants to create a vibrant world, the ability for players to both find what they are looking for, and for what they find to be an advantageous purchase in-mission, is critical to making a beautiful, holistic world. And our hope is that this will be true for you.

Items are purchased for points equal to their tier value, so help yourself to what you find, :)

In our next post in this series we will be discussing the final element of character creation: enhancements to your character's abilities and your equipment. Until then, we'll see you in-game,


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