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Roleplay in the News: RPG Net

Hey Reader!

Welcome to Day 10 of the Kickstarter! We're excited to bring you the following update: we're going to be featured on Thursday, 5/19, on the online chat forum for RPG Net! If you're looking to learn a bit about The Warriors of Zurn RPG, you can join the discussion here:

We are looking forward to chatting about the game there - should be a ton of fun! Dan Davenport (who runs the chat forum) has been a long-time gamer and has been with RPG Net for many years, so we look forward to the continued networking we will have with that group. Great group of people to rub shoulders with, :)

Oh, and you can find a number of the past Q&As with other game designers on their blog here:

Really cool people - you should check them out!

Until next time, I've got some questions to prep for, :) But we'll see you around the forest!

Aaron K

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