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  • Aaron K

Vlog Series: Magic in Zurn - and the Sandwich

Hey Reader!

Welcome back to the Zurn Blog! As we continue the Zurn Kickstarter Campaign, we are starting the first video blog post (or vlog post) on this site with a discussion on the magic system in Zurn!

In most fantasy stories, magic is relatively rare: only a few people use it, and they tend to be powerful characters. Good examples of this include Gandalf and Saruman in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, The White Witch in Lewis's Narnia, and the allomancers of Sanderson's Scadrial.

In Zurn this is not the case: magic is relatively common, with lots of practitioners (varying in skill, naturally), so magic is a common occurrence on the street.

This has led to a few changes to how the Zurn races have developed: criminals are not just chained and put in prison, the chains and prison cells are warded to dampen magical abilities to prevent escape. Armor is more nuanced to provide protection against physical and magical threats.

But Zurn's magic system is also about much more than just damage spells. Spells in Zurn serve to augment the mage or other characters, hex opponents, damage spells, and the ability to summon creatures. In a word, Zurn's spell system is versatile, customizeable to the situation at hand.

Or, as we say it in the video, magic in Zurn is like a sandwich - but we'll let the video explain that one, :)

Until next time, may the Light shine around every corner (and may you eat your fill!),

Aaron K

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