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  • Aaron K

Roleplay in the News: Mythcreants

Hey Reader!

As I was doing some research on player styles (for a series that I'll be starting in May, probably), and I came across a fascinating article on player archetypes on Mythcreants, a blog for fantasy storytellers generally, but with lots of good thoughts for roleplayers.

Now naturally you may disagree with some of their content (I disagree with some of the things they write on the blog, just as others may), but they have good ideas, ideas that game masters and storytellers should consider.

One of which is the six types of players they discuss. More on this in May, but suffice it to say for now, they show a good spectrum of the player mindsets that you'd find in a roleplay group, and they give good ideas on how to direct the strengths of these play styles to build and improve your gaming experience. Each style presents its own problems (so none are better or worse than the others), but each also presents unique opportunities to build on the story you are telling.

Keep an eye on this space next week, as we will be continuing our series on character creation! We look forward to chatting with you then!

Aaron K

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