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  • Aaron K

Joining the Debate: Tropes in RPG Campaigns

Hey Reader!

We stumbled across a Buzzfeed article the other day that laid out 8 tropes that RPG game masters/dungeon masters should avoid in their campaigns.

While we don't claim to be the most knowledgeable of RPG gamers, I found myself reacting to almost every single trope thinking, "But done right it could be amazing!" And then found that 20 minutes later I was finally finishing the article, after having scribbled notes for different campaigns I'm running currently.

Which led me to that bottomfeeder section of most articles, the Comments section. Unlike my usual experience with comment sections, I found that the people below were making excellent commentary along the same veins I had followed, and I want you all to join in on the debate.

What do you think about these tropes? Are they overused? Does that mean you should avoid them? If any of those things are present is that a reflection on the game master, or on the players? If there is a problem produced by the trope is that a fault in the campaign or in choices made throughout the campaign?

We want to know what you think! Tune in next time for our follow-up post (posts? We'll see) on this article, talking about the tropes that are mentioned there and giving advice to game masters on ways they can use these tropes well. Until then, prepare for our next post on character creation: your race and class selection!

Aaron K

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