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Game Master Tips: Engaging Conversations

Hey reader!

Welcome back to the Zurn blog! Today we're featuring a video by Rhykker, a DM who has played several gaming systems, and has his own channel on YouTube (which you should subscribe to; he has some really good advice for game masters and players). In today's post, we will be featuring his video on how to roleplay engaging conversations.

You can find a link to his video here (and to his playlist of roleplay videos here, if you're interested). To quickly summarize, Rhykker notes four things that make for a more engaging dialogue with your players (which you'll need to watch the video to find out, but I'll tell you this now: they are all excellent pieces of advice). His aim in giving these tips, though, really speak to us here at Zurn as they are on-point for why we play roleplay.

When we have conversations in our sessions, one of our hopes is to make the players' conversations with our NPCs will be memorable. Perhaps not all the time - they can forget some of the dialogue they have with NPCs, that's fine - but some of those conversations should be memorable to make a mission stand out in their minds, and this is where Rhykker's commentary is helpful.

We hope that you find his advice useful as you lead your gaming groups! He has a lot of good advice on his blog, and virtually all of the videos are 6 minutes or less, so they are very user-friendly. We highly recommend him to you all.

Aaron K

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