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Roleplay in the News: Location Description

Hey Reader!

Welcome back to the Zurn Blog! One of the things we want to do with our blog is to highlight some of the discussion going on about roleplay generally for your edification and growth as gamers, and to centralize some of that discussion on our site. Some of the topics we'll be covering will include character creation and development, plot development, tips for game masters, and new games and systems hitting the market, so that you'll be up to speed on what is happening in the gamer world.

We came across this post by the GM Genie, a blogger who is a game master and roleplayer who shares helpful thoughts and tips for stories, plot, characters, and game theory (oh, and some social commentary on movies and the like every so often which is very good), so we wanted to share it with you all.

In this post (which is part of his vlog series on the blog), the Genie talks about the importance of a good description to a setting or area as the players enter. A short snippet from the vlog episode:

"Don't be afraid to let the players in on the story of this location. Things their characters might not know, but that give the location color. Your players are not your audience: they're your co-writers. And they are going to be more interested in this location, they're going to engage their characters more, because they know what an interesting place it is."

We hope you all enjoy it (and subscribe to him for more content - great stuff coming out of that blog), and that you have a wonderful weekend!

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