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  • Aaron K

Welcome to Zurn! Why We're Here

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Zurn Central! Over the past few years we've been slowly building up the mechanics of both the Warriors of Zurn series and this blog, and we're excited to start rolling out our generic game master and player-based content here on our dedicated blog.

Perhaps the first question we should answer upfront is, "Why another blog?" I mean, really: there are dozens of blogs out there for game masters, roleplayers, and people completely new to the realm of roleplay, so why would we add another blog to the list?

Well, I'm glad you asked, :)

Our blog here at Zurn is designed to do three things for our loyal viewership. First, we exist to serve as a nexus for information on roleplay gaming (hence the name, "Zurn Central," not just "Zurn"), so we will be spending time doing the investigative research for you, pointing you in our posts to other noteworthy posts from other blogs and sharing their work (with links to the site) here.

Naturally there will be some restrictions in our ability to share their information here (as we are seeking to create a family-friendly environment here at Zurn, so we'll give a warning in regards to content on our site), but our hope is that you will find Zurn Central to be a one-stop-shop for all of your roleplay theory and news needs.

Second, we hope to use this venue to further promote game theory and tips specific to the Warriors of Zurn series (and other eras in the future as we expand). Specific questions on mechanics are best addressed in the forums, but the blog will serve as a place to crystallize and condense overarching ideas of why we roleplay, what the strengths of the game are, how to best utilize the tools of the world in your game sessions, etc.

Finally, we want the blog to be a way for us to offer transparency in the world of roleplay. While we will be answering questions point-by-point on the forums, if there is a universal memo, errata, or other changes that need to happen, we will be announcing those on the blog, as it is much easier to navigate for the average viewer. So for your major updates, this is the place to go, :)

There are some things a blog does not do well. Blogs don't do a good job at brainstorming - we have the forums for that. Blogs are not good for feedback and personalized attention - we have the workshops to meet those needs. So our aim is to use this tool for what it is best suited for: sharing information and news with you all. We look forward to serving you all in this way, and hope to have new content up every Wednesday, so keep watching this space!

Until we speak again, may your cup always overflow,

Aaron Kamakawiwoole

Founder and Creator, The Warriors of Zurn Series

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