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We have played many roleplay games over the years, and through our experiences with those games we made Zurn into the game it is today. We enjoy playing those games, and to build your enjoyment of them we have produced several free downloads of homebrew content for your use (subject to your game master's approval). To view the subclass, click the image next to each subclass description.

For balance purposes none of these are "the strongest subclass" for their class, and that's intentional. If you are a person who wants "the most powerful character," these are probably not for you. We created these because we found concepts for characters that we could not effectively make using the canonical subclasses of the game, so they are more thematic than powerful, and that is how we think homebrewed content should be. Let us know if you have feedback!

We own no copyright or intellectual property for anything on this tab, and nothing presented here is official D&D content (at least not yet - if one of them is selected for official release we will let you know!). Discuss with your game master before using it in your game.

~The Management

Zurn Central, LLC

Barbarian: Path
of the Blood Oath
A barbarian who swears
an oath in his own blood
to guard and preserve
others to the death.
Barbarian - Blood Oath.png
Bard: College
of Creators
A bard who, through her
songs, sings things into
existence and changes
the world around her.
Bard - College of Creators.png
Hunt Domain Cleric
A cleric who serves a god
or goddess of the hunt,
bringing down foes like
animals for slaughter.
Cleric - Hunt Domain.png
Love Domain Cleric
A cleric who pursues
harmony and peace with
all living things if at all
Cleric - Love Domain.png
Druid: Circle of
A druid who uses blood
to aid others and preserve
the natural world.
Druid - Circle of Blood.png
Druid: Circle of
the Sun
A druid who uses the
power of light and fire
to preserve nature from
evil forces.
Druid - Circle of the Sun.png
Fighter: Bodyguard
A warrior devoted to
protecting their charge,
whatever the cost.
Fighter - Bodyguard.png
Fighter Commander
A warrior who uses tactics
to increase the skill of
the warriors near them.
Fighter - Commander.png
Monk: Path
of Peace
A monk devoted to
pursuing inner peace
and bringing that peace
to others around them.
Paladin: Oath of
the Sacred Grove
A paladin inspired by the
Zurn religious military
order of The Sacred
Grove, a templar order.
Ranger: The
Vale Warden
A ranger skilled in using
ranged and melee attacks
in concert to take down
their foes.
Rogue: Aerial
A unarmed rogue built
for speed and aerial agility
(even more than your
typical rogue!)
Anointed Sorcerer
A sorcerer who gains his
or her power from an
immortal lineage.
Warlock: War Seer
A warlock blessed (or
cursed) by their patron
with visions of the future,
for good or ill.
Blood Pact Warlock
A warlock who swears a
pact of loyalty in blood,
gaining power and ability
as they show devotion.
Blood Warlock.png
Wizard: Initiate
A wizard inspired by the
Zurn magic system who
exclusively devotes
herself to one school
of magic.

Creating new subclasses has been fun, but one of the things that we wanted to do was build our own completely unique class. And I thought to myself, "This is going to take a while, because a lot of the primary archetypes of characters have already been built. There is no need (or desire, probably) to just create a new class for the sake of creating a new class: new classes should only be created if there is a true need for it - if the character concept in a player's mind cannot be built in the game, we should make a new class to fill that need.

And that is what led to the creation of the alpha: a new class that allows you to play one of the character concepts that you find in the Zurn system. We really enjoyed imagining and crafting this class and its six subclasses, and hope you enjoy using it in your games!

The Alpha
A beast tamer with
low armor but many
animal friends to share
the load.
Alpha: Shaman
An alpha that uses
his/her connection with
plants to call them to
aid you in battle.
Alpha: Animist
An alpha who uses
nature magic to aid
his/her pack in and
out of battle.
Alpha: Cragwalker
An alpha that relies on
stealth and savage
attacks to down its
prey, great or small.
Alpha: Skinshifter
An alpha that forms a
pack with werecreatures
who are outcasts of
society. Welcome home.
Alpha: Marked One
An alpha covered in
marks and tattoos,
granting added power
to lead the pack.
Marked One.png
Alpha: Bone Guard
An alpha that dabbles
in necromancy, using
the dead to aid them
in his/her quest.
Bone Guardian.png
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